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PRODUCTS - Medklinn  Air Sterilizer and Medklinn Ozone Water System


The MedKlinn Group of Companies is focused on researching and developing eco-friendly technologies to drive air sterilizing and ozone water applications. Founded in 2005 to focus on the consumer market, the company has since expanded its range of products into various industries and its distribution to regional countries.


MedKlinn products are driven by Cerafusion Technology, a unique and leading edge patented technology. MedKlinn owns the patent to this technology and continues to invest significant amount of resources to enhance and explore a wide range of compelling applications. The Cerafusion™ Technology, a culmination of patented technology is designed to bring you the benefits of an effective and hassle-free solution to clean more than just the air - and thus enhance your life. The key lies in its ability to produce massive amounts of negative ions and controlled levels of ozone - which it achieves when a high voltage is driven through the Cerafusion™ Ion and Ozone modules, a fusion of dielectric material and special metal alloys. The high optimal energy passing through the inner electrode to the outer electrode of the module induces massive ionization and controlled levels of ozonation. This process is further enhanced by state-of-the-art electronics to maintain precise modulation of ionization and ozonation power.


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