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PRODUCTS - Acoustic Attenuators                                                                                                


A-Tech designs, manufactures and supplies acoustic attenuators with accordance to specific requirements from acoustical consultants, engineers and customers. Our range of acoustic attenuators (rectangular and cylindrical duct attenuators) provide effective and economical solution for a wide diversity of noise control measures and are commonly used in multiple domestic, industrial or mixed environments.  Acoustic attenuators are used for noise reduction to the industry acceptable level and primary application for acoustic attenuators include cooling towers, fan inlets, HVAC systems and more.


There are many factors such as type of product, where to install, technical specification of pipelines, affordable pressure drop, working environments and more to consider when selecting the appropriate acoustic attenuator.   Specialist from A-Tech is readily available to help you to select the acoustic attenuator (whether ready-made or custom built solution) that is most suited to ensure optimal performance of noise control solution.