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PRODUCTS - Acoustic Louvers                                                                                               


Acoustic louvers are used to solve diverse environmental noise pollution issues generated by air moving equipment and are commonly used at the intake and exhaust openings of buildings, structures or equipment for noise reduction to an acceptable level.


A-Tech offers a wide array of rugged and high-performance acoustic louvers (standard as well as custom-made according to your specifications) to suit relevant requirements of our customers. Acoustic louvers can be used as a standalone screens around mechanical plants or be designed to seamlessly integrate into existing or desired architecture, geometry or colour scheme – functional yet aesthetically pleasing and are available in various choices of materials and finishes. Properly designed louvers shall be able to address airflow and available pressure drop in conjunction with the exact sound levels that exist – permitting air to flow while shielding from unwanted noise.  


Some applications for louvers include building services, healthcare facilities, hospitality industry i.e. bars, banquet and event halls, casino, convention and exhibition centres etc., industrial and manufacturing, offshores, security and law enforcement, and more.  


A-Tech team are equipped with the technical expertise to address the specific requirement of our customers from on-site noise control assessments to acoustical analysis to a complete sound control solution. Contact A-Tech now and let our range of acoustic louvers help you to combat environmental noise problems.


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